1. It’s a cure for boredom

Keep the dreaded “I’m bored” from escaping their lips; take the little ones on a seafaring experience on a Hornblower cruise. They will have a blast feeling the fresh sea breeze while they discover the sights. Adventurous kiddos will have fun exploring the large yacht decks and spacious interiors as much as they want, as soon as they board.

2. Take advantage of the discounts for children

Kids under age 4 cruise free. Tickets for kids ages 4-12 typically cost about half the price of adult tickets depending on location and specific cruise. Come to think of it, you can also get cruise discounts for birthdays and anniversaries but I digress.

3. For once have a great response to “when/what are we eating?”

Hornblower Cruises & Events dining cruises are a fun way for families to dine together. Don’t worry about having picky eaters, the buffet cruises offer tons of choices so they can sample as much as they want, and if they don’t like something, no biggie. Even the restless kiddos who can’t sit still for long can explore as much as they want before and after eating. Need a highchair or two? No problem. Bonus, mom and dad won’t have to do the cleanup!

4. A fun activity the family can enjoy together

Cruising on a yacht is fun for all ages, and can be enjoyable year round regardless of weather thanks to the temperature-controlled yachts. It’s a fun alternative to your usual family activities, and gets you out and exploring. The little ones will have so much fun they won’t even miss their modern digital entertainment while onboard, and mom and dad will have fun doing something that’s not just chaperoning a kid-centric activity. You can even invite extended family without having to be the host.

5. Meet the captain!

There are opportunities to meet the captain and first officer, and even to visit the Pilot House with permission from the crew. They have cool uniforms and captains hats that will really impress the kiddos (and grown-ups too).

6. Photo opps everywhere!

If you don’t remember the last time you got a good photo of the whole family, this is the perfect opportunity. Many cruises will have souvenir photos available for purchase, which usually turn out really nice as they’re taken just before boarding in front of the yacht with a lifesaver prop and everything. Amateur shutterbugs of all ages will also have endless views during the cruise in which to practice their skill. Don’t forget to share your pics and videos on social media!

Recommended cruises for kids by port:

San Francisco: Brunch or Holiday Cruises
Sacramento: River Cruises
Marina del Rey/Newport Beach: Brunch or Holiday Cruises
San Diego: Harbor Tours, Whale Watching, Brunch or Holiday Cruises
New York: Brunch and Holiday Cruises or Sightseeing Cruises

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