Why is Bateaux New York's New Year's Eve Cruise unique?

Bateaux New York promises a New Year’s Eve celebration that exudes sophistication, elegance, and fun. This world-class harbor cruise offers an exceptional dining experience accompanied by live band entertainment. The main highlight? Watching the dazzling New York fireworks against the iconic NYC skyline from the luxury of the European-inspired, glass-enclosed Bateaux. It’s an enchanting evening where glamour meets entertainment. 

What does the night entail in terms of dining?

Guests can expect a delightful culinary journey with a 3-course, chef-prepared plated dinner. Complementing the sumptuous meal are unlimited offerings of coffee, hot tea, iced tea, juice and soda plus a top shelf open bar The experience is crowned with a sparkling wine toast, allowing guests to usher in the New Year with a touch of class. 

Will there be entertainment onboard?

Certainly! Ensuring the festivities remain upbeat throughout the night, a live band, complete with a vocalist and pianist, will serenade guests, making sure everyone is on their feet and dancing. 

What sights can guests expect to see?

The cruise offers unparalleled views of the Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey skylines. Key landmarks that are sure to captivate include the towering Empire State Building, the emblematic One World Trade, the historic Brooklyn Bridge, and the timeless Statue of Liberty. If Mother Nature permits, guests will also be treated to a mesmerizing fireworks display, setting the sky ablaze with colors. 

Are there different packages for the cruise?

Yes, there are three tiers of packages to cater to different preferences: 

  • Silver Package: Includes the ticket and a top shelf bar. 
  • Gold Package: In addition to the ticket and top shelf bar, guests receive a bottle of champagne (1 per 2 guests) and a keepsake flute. 
  • Platinum Package: Elevates the Gold Package by offering a prime window table, ensuring guests enjoy the best views throughout the cruise. 

Why should one choose Bateaux New York's New Year's Eve Premier Plus Dinner Cruise?

With a commitment to excellence, Bateaux New York offers an experience that beautifully merges fine dining, live entertainment, and enchanting views. The boat’s European design with its all-glass enclosure ensures that every moment, from dining to dancing, happens against the backdrop of NYC’s iconic landmarks. Add to this the allure of the fireworks (weather permitting) and the choice of packages, and it’s evident that Bateaux New York promises an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.