Millions of people from around the world travel to Niagara Falls each year to witness the rush of the thundering Falls as it plummets to the bottom of the Niagara Gorge. Once the water reaches the base of the Niagara Gorge it sparkles with beautiful shades of blue and turquoise giving tourists some of the the best photographs of Niagara Falls. For visitors who take to the streets during the day will witness the natural elements and beauty of the Falls up close. For those who enjoy exploring Niagara Falls at night they are sure to be mesmerized with spectacular and radiating colours spot lighted on the Falls.


Many often ask why the Falls are sometimes lit in specific colours. From the months of May to December, tourists and locals have the opportunity to catch a worldwide natural wonder illuminate with different colours as a way to support world recognized charities or causes. Some causes in the past have included Ovarian Cancer Month, World MS Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Canada Day and even the birth of the Royal Prince and Princess. The special illumination of the Falls occurs in two 15-minute blocks between 9pm – 10pm. Organizations can also choose from an assortment of colours to shine on the Falls to reflect their charity, cause or the day. 

Since 1925 the Falls have been illuminated, operated, and financed by the Falls Illumination Board. The board is made up of representative from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Niagara Falls, NY, Ontario Power Generation, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Reservation and the Niagara Parks Commission.

Visit Niagara Falls Tourism to view the schedule for the Falls Illumination

The Falls Illumination offers breath-taking sites from land, sky and definitely by boat. Experience the beauty aboard the ‘Falls Illumination Cruise’ offered nightly. This 40-minute cruise offers an electrifying experience with an on board bar featuring cocktails and light snacks. Dance the night away to today’s best hits while capturing the colourful and majestic Falls on camera. The cruise boards at 9:30pm and departs at 9:45pm. Add some sparks to your night with the ‘Falls Illumination Cruise with bonus fireworks’ that operate on Friday and Sundays only. 

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