As The First Co-Branded Walks and Devour Tours Product, Guests to Become Immersed in the Traditions of Italian Cooking with Local Master Chefs, Hosted In A Newly Transformed State-Of-The-Art Kitchen Facility.

New York, New York (September 26, 2023) – City Experiences announced today the expansion of its world-class travel offerings with a newly reimagined cooking school experience. Located in Rome, Italy in the popular neighborhood of Trastevere, guests discover the secrets of Italian cooking with local master chefs with a Pasta-making and Pizza-making class set in the backdrop of a brand-new state-of-the-art kitchen facility. This product marks the first collaboration between Walks and Devour Tours, two award-winning travel brands part of the City Experiences portfolio.

“We are thrilled to combine the best of Walks and Devour Tours for the first time to create a unique experience that showcases what we do best – taking small, interactive experiences and reimagining them to meet consumer trends,” said Stephen Oddo, founder and president of Walks. “Being part of the City Experiences portfolio has allowed us to elevate Walks through collaboration with travel leaders like Devour Tours as well as world-class facilities.”

As cooking classes have become popular throughout Italy, City Experiences’ cooking school stands apart with its brightly lit, private commercial kitchen – a rarity in the laissez-faire environment of Trastevere, where most classes take place in a local apartment.  The newly created state-of-the-art kitchen allows a level of professionalism and peace of mind to the cooking experience, while maintaining the charm of a Roman cucina.

Walks, which began as Walks of Italy, has cultivated deep roots in Rome, building strong local relationships that have translated to exclusive guest experiences. Devour Tours, founded in nearby Spain, has a similarly long history in Rome, having developed a cult following among travelers for immersing guests in local flavors and culture. Both brands exemplify City Experiences’ mission to provide one-of-a-kind, world-class experiential travel offerings.

“Through our partnership with Walks under the City Experiences portfolio, we are able to offer an even deeper understanding of Roman culture and cuisine, which lies at the heart of what we deliver at Devour Tours,” said Lauren Aloise, founder and president of Devour Tours. “Italy’s foundation is rooted in food. Our new cooking classes let you immerse yourself into Italian culinary culture, learning top techniques and secrets from local master chefs.”

For guests seeking a “first taste” of the Walks and Devour Tours collaboration, classes in City Experiences’ Rome cooking school are now available to book at Both classes offer the opportunity to cook – and dine – like a Roman local, with each culminating in an intimate three-course dinner:


Rome - Food Tour and Pizza MakingRome Pizza-Making Class & Dinner in Trastevere

City Experiences’ Rome pizza-making class reveals the secrets of a bona-fide Italian classic, from kneading and stretching the dough to selecting the perfect toppings. A local, master chef welcomes guests with a classic aperitif of bruschetta and prosecco before sharing step-by-step instruction to craft an authentic Italian pizza. The evening ends with homemade gelato, made on-site, for dessert.



devour cooking classAula de confeção de massas em Roma: Cozinhe, jante e beba vinho com um chef local

In this hands-on pasta-making class, guests learn how to make and roll their own dough, choose the right shape for the right sauce, and discover why the best pasta dishes are often the simplest. Complete with gelato for dessert and plenty of Italian wine throughout, there’s a reason this class is already popular with influential travelers like Amanda Kloots:


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