When thinking about company event themes there is lots to consider, you want to make sure it’s fun but also appropriate for your event and the people attending.

Research shows: event planners believe event themes significantly enhance the experience of those who attend – just what you want.

Hosting your company event with Hornblower Cruises & Events gives you a leg up, as there are lots of fun and interesting ideas that go hand-in-hand with being on the water.

Why not make it a cruise ship-style event and end the day with a casino party? Whether you’re hosting a company event or a fundraiser, there will be plenty of excitement and great memories around the casino tables.

Dressing up is a fun event idea. Go with an era theme like a 1950’s-style event. Get dressed up, and once the business end of your event is done, get on the dance floor with some ‘50s rock ‘n’ roll. Or, try the swinging ‘30s with some Jazz and ragtime!

In fact, there are plenty of ways to be inspired by music for guaranteed fun. If you need a theme for a holiday party consider disco, everyone will know what to wear, the music selection is made easy and everyone can get down to some disco!

Of course, you might want something a little more subdued and easier for your guests. If you want them to dress up for the occasion, black & white is always easy and there’s plenty of fun to be had with it as well.

A carnival event theme is big fun under the big top. Include some games and challenges and you’re onto a winner for a team building event.

Want to make it even more simple? No matter what type of event you can always get everyone to wear a funny hat…Award a prize for the funniest/most inventive. They’re easily put aside when you want the focus to be on your presentation, sales kick-off or other activities.

One of the important things to remember when thinking about party themes is that you need to be sensitive. Some party themes just aren’t appropriate. Some ideas sound great, but probably aren’t so great in reality.

Theming is easy and fun! Are you more of a visual person? We’ve got plenty of ideas on our Pinterest board.

As pessoas não se lembram de dias, lembram-se de momentos, e é isso mesmo que vai criar a bordo do Hornblower Cruises & Events com o tema certo para o seu evento.

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