There’s an app for just about everything and loads of websites for event planning. But how do you wade through the wave of innovation to find something that works for you? We did the work for you by creating a list of the best high tech event planning resources that will make your party a success.

Got Apps?
Get a mobile event app that makes engaging guests before, during and after the event a complete breeze. You can send attendees surveys and polls to get feedback, give sponsors opportunities to promote their brand and provide party goers the ability to connect with each other within the app.

Simple Soiree
Take the stress out of planning with an app that allows you to plan menus, create a party decor shopping list, invite guests and keep track of all the event must-haves.

Online invitations just got easier with Punchbowl. Choose from a host of invitations that also allow you to add your company’s logo. You can even add gift cards, purchase parties supplies and select costumes that are perfect for over-the-top events on the water.

The World of Websites
There’s nothing like being prepared for an event like a pro, which is the premise of this website that gives you amazing scheduling tools for generating timelines. Tired of all the paperwork? Keep everything in one place such as custom contact lists, call sheets and compose reports.

Create your own website for the event. Simple tools let you set up an event site in a few clicks. No technical skills required, and you can develop your own branded website for the event.

Do you need a treasure trove of event ideas? Browse the wealth of articles and resources featured on BizBash. You also get the latest event trends and news from event planning conferences

While this should get you started, it’s not by any means a full list of event technology. Check out Savvy Tech and get an even more comprehensive list of wonderful tools to make your event go off without a hitch.

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