We’ve all made mistakes when planning a party. It happens. It’s hard to anticipate how an event will play out, and problems can arise at every turn. Whether the caterer is late, the projector won’t work, or the bar has run out of mixers, the smallest mistake can make or break your party.

Here are five common event mistakes that you should avoid at all costs in order to pull off an epic event:

NOT ALLOWING EMPLOYEES TO BRING A PLUS-ONE: Sometimes the budget won’t allow it, but if possible, let your employees bring a guest to the party—it boosts morale and makes the event more fun.
TRYING TO DO IT ALL YOURSELF: Planning an event on your own is stressful. Consider hiring an experienced planner so you can delegate the details and concentrate on the more fun aspects of the party.
PLANNING WITHOUT A REAL PARTY PLAN: Grab a free party planning template online to keep details from falling through the cracks and to make sure you stay on budget.
CLOSING THE BAR TOO EARLY: Make sure to keep the bar open until you want the party to end.
POOR MUSIC CHOICES: Choose music that’s widely known and loved across generations. You could even ask guests for suggestions before the party.
For an even larger list of mistakes to avoid, refer to this helpful article from About.com.

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