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What makes City Cruises' New Year's Rock the Yacht cruise in Sacramento special compared to others?

The New Year’s Eve Rock the Yacht Cruise by City Cruises offers a distinctive way to greet the new year on the Sacramento River. It’s not just about scenic views; it’s a blend of lively DJ entertainment, a festive ambiance, and the opportunity to enjoy Sacramento from the water. The name itself – “Rock the Yacht” – indicates a fun, high-energy event, different from standard cruises. 

Can I book a private table for the New Year's Rock the Yacht cruise in Sacramento?

The cruise uses a cocktail seating approach, which entails limited, non-guaranteed seating. It operates on a first-come, first-serve basis. The setup promotes a social environment and doesn’t cater to private table reservations. 

Is there a dance floor or DJ on the NYE booze cruise in Sacramento?

Yes, there’s a DJ on board to ensure guests are entertained with live music. While it’s not specified, the nature of the event and the presence of a DJ suggests there might be space for guests to dance and enjoy themselves. 

What sights can you see on a NYE Rock the Yacht cruise in Sacramento?

Cruisers will get to appreciate panoramic views of Sacramento from the river, offering a unique and enchanting perspective of the city’s nightlights and New Year’s festivities. 

Are food and drinks served on the NYE Rock the Yacht cruise?

Yes, while a full bar is available to guests, providing an assortment of cocktails, wine, and beer, food offerings are restricted to small bites, which can be bought during the cruise. Also, to commemorate the New Year, guests will be provided with a glass of champagne for a toast. 

Why is City Cruises' Rock the Yacht the best option to celebrate New Year's Eve 2023 in Sacramento?

City Cruises’ Rock the Yacht offers an electrifying experience for those looking to welcome the new year in a unique way. With live DJ entertainment, a full bar, and unparalleled views of Sacramento, it promises an evening of fun, laughter, and memorable moments. The cruise’s setting on the Sacramento River, combined with the lively ambiance and the promise of a champagne toast, makes it a standout option for NYE celebrations.