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What makes City Cruises' New Year's dinner in Newport Beach special compared to others?

City Cruises’ New Year’s dinner in Newport Beach offers a unique and luxurious experience, blending the thrill of starting the year on the water with gourmet dining. Guests aboard can enjoy a chef-prepared, three-course, plated dinner, complemented by the breathtaking scenic views of Newport Beach, live DJ entertainment, and festive décor, promising an unforgettable start to the year. 

Can I book a private table for the New Year's dinner cruise in Newport Beach?

Yes, guests will have a guaranteed table for their party size, ensuring a private and intimate dining experience amidst the celebratory atmosphere. 

Is there a dance floor or DJ on the NYD dinner cruise in Newport Beach?

Yes, the cruise boasts live DJ entertainment, setting the mood for a vibrant evening and ensuring that guests can groove to the beats while they dine and celebrate. 

What sights can you see on a NYD dinner cruise in Newport Beach?

Guests on the cruise will be treated to panoramic views of Newport Beach, capturing its evening charm and providing a picturesque backdrop to the festive dinner. 

Are food and drinks served on the NYD dinner?

Definitely. The cruise offers a three-course, chef-prepared plated dinner, ensuring a gourmet dining experience. While unlimited coffee, hot tea, iced tea, and water are included, guests can also purchase creative cocktails, wine, and beer from the fully stocked bar to complement their meals. 

Why is City Cruises the best option to celebrate the start of 2024 in Newport Beach?

Choosing City Cruises for your New Year’s Day dinner promises an unparalleled blend of luxury, gourmet dining, and scenic beauty. Commencing the year on the water, indulging in a chef-curated three-course meal, enjoying live DJ entertainment, and soaking in the mesmerizing Newport Beach views ensures a memorable and stylish start to 2024.