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From the first day the very first immigrants arrived at Ellis Island in New York the boats loads of passengers saw the enormous 305 ft. statue as the boat approached Ellis Island. The statue didn’t just symbolize the robbed female figure representing, ‘Libertas’ the roman goddess of freedom, she symbolized much more to immigrants who left everything they have ever known behind to begin a new life and journey in America. Today, the statue is an inspiration to those travelling from other countries around the world. Her meaning to many immigrants meant times for new beginnings, hope, success and freedom.
The copper statue which resembles a mint green color holds a torch known as the ‘light of reason’ and a book of law marked with the date of the United States Declaration of Independence. The female statue stands upon a granite pedestal engraved with the words, ‘New Colossus.’ The statue also bares broken chains that lie at her feet. The lite flame on top of the torch is painted with a very thin layer of 24 karat gold. The crowned figure with several spikes represents the several continents and seven seas. Throughout the years the Statue of Liberty is a constant reminder of equality, patriotism and human rights. Lady Liberty recognizes an idea of universal freedom. The statue symbolizes a dream of the future and not of the past.

The famous American Icon underwent a few years worth of restoration to repair pieces of the statue deteriorating. In 1982, it was announced that Lady Liberty would require restoration before its centennial in 1986. In 1982, over $350 million was raised in donations for the project. On July 5,1986 the statue reopened to the public. American President, Ronald Regan said the following to America, ‘We are the keepers of the flame of liberty; we hold it high for the world to see.”

Today, millions of visitor travel to New York City and to the famous islands to witness the breath-taking and iconic symbol to America and New York. In 1984, UNESCO named the island a world heritage site.

Statue Crew Cruises offers daily boat tours year round to Ellis Island and Liberty Island. Visitors wishing to explore and get an up close view of Lady Liberty can do so with multiple tours to the top of the statue. Choose from the Pedestal Tour climbing over a dozen flights of stairs to see the mesmerizing New York City Skyline. Walk 354 stairs to oversee the entire city of Manhattan on the Crown of the Statue of Liberty Tour. Hard Hats Tours through Ellis Island are also available. The Statue of Liberty represents the American people, the people who helped bring the statue to American, build her from pieces and the people who flock to the famous statue year round.