The crisp autumn air carries whispers of tales untold, and as Halloween approaches, our wanderlust for the eerie awakens. There’s something captivating about exploring the dark corners of the world, where history has left its mark. Are you looking for a scary getaway to celebrate this Halloween season? Well, you’re in luck! City Experiences has some spooktacular tours and excursions that are sure to give you the haunt you are looking for.

Join us on a haunting journey to some of the world’s most spine-chilling destinations, where the cities themselves seem to hold their breath, waiting to reveal their secrets. With City Experiences as your guide, you’ll travel cobbled streets, ancient castles, and shadowy alleyways, unlocking the stories that linger in the twilight. Buckle up, it’s time to embark on a supernatural adventure like no other.

Boston’s Salem Ferry

SalemLearn the true story behind the peculiar happenings of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials with a visit to the “City of Witches”. Step aboard the Salem Ferry in Boston and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you cruise past the Boston Harbor Islands and head up the coast of the North Shore before docking in Salem. Start your day with a visit to the Salem Witch Museum, where you will take away important lessons from how the events of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials played out, the key figures that drove the witchcraft panic, and their influence on pop culture.

Or you can take a stroll through Salem, and hear the lasting impact that the Witch Trials left on the area. Go to the Burying Point and visit the final resting place of notable Salem residents and important figures from the Witch Trials. With Salem being a such a popular destination, there will be no shortage of cools restaurants, bars, storefronts, and historic homes to explore. Take some photos at the Bewitched Statue, and then walk up a historic street to the setting of Hocus Pocus: Ropes Mansion.

Paris Catacombs Special Access Tour

The Paris Catacombs are the world’s largest underground burial site. Which means it’s the perfect place for a hauntingly good tour. Venture beneath the City of Light to explore the dark underworld that is the Paris Catacombs. With this special Walks Tour, you’ll be able to skip the entrance lines and head inside this fantastically macabre tunnel system filled with the skeletal remains of more than six million Parisians. While many consider it a marvel and a work of art, a place that serves as the resting place for that many people is sure to bring some scary stories.

York Early Evening Cruise

Did you know? York is considered by many to be the most haunted place in Europe! An entire continent rich with history means there are a lot of cities to visit if you’re looking for a hauntingly good time, but none may do it better than York. And what better way to start off a night of exploring “the other side”, than by booking the York Early Evening Cruise. Enjoy a nightcap or a “pregame” and a relaxing cruise where you can see the city from a new perspective at twilight. Our Evening Cruise is a tranquil 60-minute cruise along the River Ouse, where you’ll be accompanied by full bar and snacks. A perfectly relaxing time before any ghost tours get your heart rate pumping and your anxiety climbing.



Tower of London: After Hours Tour & Ceremony of the Keys

tower of londonPrepare for a “spooky” adventure with our Tower of London private after-hours tour, guided by a Yeoman Warder. As the sun sets and tourists depart, the Tower of London transforms into a hauntingly silent realm. Walk alongside a resident Yeoman Warder, who will unveil the ancient Ceremony of Keys, a chilling tradition upheld for over 700 years. This exclusive after-dark experience is truly unforgettable. Enter through the ominous Traitor’s Gate, where the macabre history of this place will send shivers down your spine. Hear tales of doomed prisoners marching to the Execution Block and feel the eerie presence that lingers. Your journey through time reveals secrets like exotic animals roaming these walls, the enigma of the Crown Jewels, and the tragic fate of Anne Boleyn.

Finally, witness the Ceremony of Keys, one of the world’s oldest military rituals. Capture the moment as Yeomen Warders, cloaked in Tudor attire, recite their famous lines, and close the Tower in ghostly fashion. Be among the select few to experience the Tower of London’s past on this private evening tour, immersing yourself in centuries of “haunted” British history.

Crypts, Bones & Catacombs: An Underground Tour of Rome

Explore the crypts and catacombs of Ancient Rome, and hopefully, you don’t make them your new home! See underground cemeteries and temples that once housed many of the city’s dead and its most mysterious cult. The tour starts in one of the most singular and spine-tingling sights in Rome, the Capuchin Bone Crypt. The cemetery is filled with the bones and remains of some 4,000 Capuchin friars and is a jaw-dropping display of life and death.

Next, it’s off to the city’s catacombs, containing miles of creepy tunnels and the world’s oldest collection of bones. An expert guide will lead your small group through the wonderfully historic and atmospheric tunnels while telling you the story of early Christianity. To finish out the day in style you’ll visit something on the lighter side — the historic Roman Aqueducts, where you’ll be given time to enjoy and understand this monumental landmark from a stunning vantage point. Our expert guides have been hand-picked for this experience based on both their knowledge and love of history and make the perfect escorts through one of our eeriest and most mysterious tours.