Uncovering the Gateway to the New World

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Before Ellis Island came to be America’s largest immigration centre the island served many purposes including a fur trading station and a flocking station for Native Indians looking to collect fresh shellfish and oysters. Discover the history behind the nation’s busiest immigration centre dating back to 1600s.


The journey to America for the millions of Europeans who left their native countries was often not an enjoyable one. With tired eyes and worried hearts the trip to the new land was anything but a joyous occasion. Learn more about the journey and the struggle for a new future and a better tomorrow.


The Journey by ship for two weeks to the land of liberty was often a painful one especially if you were a second or third class passenger. The site of the Statue of Liberty brought hope and peace for many. Learn more about the conditions aboard the boat and the system for immigrants upon arrival.


After stepping off the boat to the land of freedom, many immigrants were fearful but hopeful of what their lives in America would be like. Before immigrants were accepted, a number of medical procedures and legal processes were requiered. Learn more about the procedures and what became of those who did not successfully pass the medical examinations.

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The experience on Ellis Island wasn’t easy for some immigrants who failed the medical and immigration regulations. These immigrants were kept on the island anywhere from one week to 3 months. Learn more about the buildings on Ellis Island and their purposes for the immigrants.

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Arriving in America meant so much to the millions of immigrants who fled their native lands for a promising future. Lean more about the journey and where the immigrants travelled to once they arrived in New York.