A Deep Sense Of Responsibility

The water supports us, buoys us. But, so do the communities in which we do business—from Boston to Salem to Cape Cod. It’s our mission to give back by nurturing and furthering select non-profit organizations and causes with a focus on our harbors, our youth and our oceans.

Our Community. Our Commitment.

Boston is our home, as well as our historic and photogenic backdrop. As a longtime local business, we’re proud to support Greater Boston and the communities we serve.

We aim to empower young people with shared knowledge and experiences, education and support for youth programs aimed at providing a strong and comprehensive foundation on which they can thrive.

In addition, we demonstrate our commitment to the region through in-kind donations to local non-profit organizations. Our giving is directed within our focus areas of youth, community and the preservation and use of our oceans overall and Boston’s waterfront in particular. If you would like your organization to be considered for an in-kind donation, please fill out our online donation request form. You will receive a response within 2 – 3 weeks.

A Natural Resource For All
Boston Harbor covers over 50 square miles and includes 180 miles of shoreline and 34 islands that make up the Boston Harbor Islands State and National Park. Through the years, BHC has witnessed and participated in the Harbor’s transformation, and today it is one of the cleanest harbors in the country and a major source of commerce, travel and recreation.

BHC is committed to Harbor-related efforts, including:

  • Playing an integral role in shaping the most effective and widely-beneficial activation of this bountiful area
  • Increasing awareness, visitation and support of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
  • Ensuring access to the Harbor and its surrounding area for local residents and visitors alike
  • Partnering with like-minded organizations to strengthen the awareness of and conscientious use of this important resource