Hornblower Niagara Cruises Best Dressed in Niagara Falls, Canada

The poncho. A very important piece of attire we encourage every guest to take when boarding our Niagara Cruises boat tours. Standing only 80 ft away from a world famous natural wonder it is a definite yes that you WILL get wet from the mist. How you wear your poncho is up to you. Find out how some of the unique ways our guests have sported their attire when boarding the boats. Read more…

Hornblower Brings Creativity to Alcatraz Cruises

Bejing based artist, Ai Weiwei is world famous artist who’s work is currently being featured at one of the world’s most famous prisons, Alcatraz. The creative artwork was transported to the island by boats by Hornblower Niagara Cruises sister company, Alcatraz Cruises. The artwork will be display from September 2014 through April 2015. Experience the beauty of his work and history that dates back 81 years. Read more….

Niagara Falls Canada Wins Rendez-vous Canada 2015 Conference= Great For Boat Tour

Hornblower Niagara Cruises is proud to be part of the excitement for the arrival of the 39th Annual Redez-vous Canada 2015 Conference coming to Niagara Falls, Canada in May 2015.What better way to start a season off right than with thousands of tourism professionals flocking to Niagara Falls in the midsts of a busy month. Learn more about this amazing conference coming to a world wide known tourist destination. Read more….