Naturalists Notes 11-15-19

Happy Friday! Today we battled the wind and waves out to the southwest corner of Stellwagen Bank, where we enjoyed several exciting sightings on what will personally be my final whale watch of the 2019 season. Overall, 10-15 humpback whales were scattered throughout the area along with a small pod of common dolphins. The trip started out with a nice high fluking dive from Plateau, which we were quite lucky to see as it was one of the only flukes that broke the surface of the water during the entire trip! Despite it being a tricky day for IDs, the overall activity was quite exciting as we observed occasional breaching by both the whales and dolphins, and a feeding frenzy of birds. Some of the other humpbacks we recorded today were Ravine, her calf, and Sprinkles. Overall it was a great day to be out on the water, and as always we wish the whales safe travels during their migrations!

See you next spring! Kelsey and David

*As a proud member of Whale Sense (, we are committed to responsible whale watching practices.  All photos were taken in compliance with established guidelines and regulations.

*BHC proudly contributes its data to the GOM Humpback Whale Catalog curated by Center for Coastal Studies.